You're Engaged, Now What?

First and foremost, wooohooo, congratulations!!! You just got engaged and are getting married to your soulmate! After you've said yes, you are staring at that gorgeous new bling, and you've dried away the happy tears, you may be feeling a rush of emotion, primarily excitement but very likely a small bit of anxiety. If you do get a wave of panic as soon as the initial bliss settles, don’t worry—it doesn’t mean you’re crazy or that you don't want to be married (trust us...we checked with our therapist!!), it is completely normal to feel this way when going from just-dating to an engaged, wedding-planning, bride - or groom-to-be in a matter of seconds is a huge change! Not to worry—everything will get figured out in due time. That's what we are here for!

Sit back, grab a glass of champagne, stare at that ring... and read a few tips to help you get started in the right planning direction.

Don't happy...together!

We live in a super connected all access world and while it might feel second-nature to Instagram live your proposal, you may enjoy keeping in the moment with just the two of you love birds. Without a doubt this is happy news, and you’ll want to tell everyone you’ve ever met, including random strangers....we advise not shouting at people on the sidewalk. But keep this in mind: That electric moment of pure, adrenaline-fueled, high on love feeling after your partner says “Will you? and you say “Yes”? That moment is one you can never reproduce. So soak in every second for as long as you can, just the two of you. If you aren't the share it all kind of person don’t feel pressured to start calling people or making decisions right away—everything can wait. Pop a bottle of Champagne, cry together, laugh together, go on about your happy little selves. and be comfortable closing yourselves up into your engagement bubble for as long as you want to. You might just be glad you did.

"We're engaged!"

Yes, you want to post that perfect ring shot on Facebook and shout to from the rooftops your everlasting love... but hold back—there’s a method to this! You wouldn’t want your elementary school lunch lady to find out about this major life milestone before your mom, would you? (Your mom wouldn’t want this, trust me, we checked with all moms everywhere.) As soon as you’re both ready to start telling anyone, star with family first. Call them up (this is not the time for a text!) or pay a visit if you’re local. Next up, your best friends—think, the wedding party. Finally, when all the VIPs know, it’s time for the “we just got engaged!!!” posts. Oh, and, once it’s posted, get ready for hella'll be feeling aaaalllll the love.

Ring Security

Did your partner give you a ring that fits perfectly because they’re perfect and now all the right things to do? If yes—wow, who is this person? If you're like the rest of us, take it back to the jeweler from whence it came to get it sized ASAP—you’ll have to be without it for a few weeks ( and sucks!), but it isn’t worth wearing a ring that could slip off and get lost. Can you imagine?! The original jeweler should size it for free. Oh, and in the off-chance you are without it again someday (say, it gets lost or stolen), insurance is the only way to replace it without having to buy a new one, so it’s a REALLY smart idea —coverage is usually affordable and the peace of mind is invaluable.

A different kind of party

You don’t have to make lots of important wedding decisions immediately after you get engaged, the first is usually selecting your wedding party. If you have been ready to be engaged for a while, I’m willing to bet you both have a pretty good idea of who the chosen ones will be, so making the selections shouldn’t be too difficult. There are a ton of super creative ways to ask your maids and men. One tip we can advise is always a hit...make it personal!

"Have you picked a date yet?

Despite how you may feel when the nine hundredth person asks you “Have you picked a date yet???” , it is not hugely essential that you pick a wedding date moments after you get engaged. They are likely asking that because they want to seem interested, and don’t know what else to say besides, “Congratulations!” You and your partner should talk about the timeline of planning and if there are any special dates that either of you have in mind shortly after becoming engaged, so you’re both on the same page. If you’re on a typical timeline (i.e., having your wedding 12 to 18 months after the proposal) this will allow you to get the planning show on the road. Also keep in mind, if you've had your heart set on a venue or you've always dreamed of getting married in the church you grew up in...the exact date you are married on may be dictated by those locations!


You won't have to lock down any solid wedding plans until you’re good and ready, but it’s a great time to start looking for inspiration and checking out wedding websites and magazines. With your partner, start talking about general style or things you really like, create a Pinterest board (trust us you’ll be thankful later!), and go all out...after all this is for inspiration! It isn't time to start narrowing things down or picking out specifics, so anything that catches your eye goes. Your professional team will be able to take these ideas and make them uniquely yours! This is the fun part, so you enjoy!

Book It!

It's time! You've selected your date...or at least a few options of dates, you've marked it on every calendar you and your partner own, —this is now the North Star of your wedding plans, and everything you do from here on out should be pulling you toward this one perfect day. The time is now, you can start booking—your wedding venue is the best place to start. Keep this checklist {wedding venue checklist} in mind when touring your venue options...this after all one of the biggest planning decisions you will make!

Remember.... this is all about you and your partner...surround yourselves with those who allow you to enjoy every second of this time of your life!