WYBMB? How to Pop the Question to Your Girls?

You've said "YES", now it's your turn to pop the big question— to your bridesmaids, that is. These are girls who have been by your side through it all, so you want to make sure they really feel the love when you ask them to be in your wedding. As simple as it may sound, asking someone to be a bridesmaid is a big deal. There is so much more to being a bridesmaid than just standing next to you on the big day. Responsibilities come from the moment they say yes. So how do you make it special? We've created the perfect list for you.

Bridesmaid Boxes

These are super cute & fun. You can personalize them however you want! We find a lot of brides like to have include a little note (asking the big question) along with something for them to enjoy, and a tiny gift that says bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid Champagne Label

Who doesn't love bubbly with their name on it?

Scratch-off Telegrams

Scratch-off cards have become very popular over the years. Used during gender reveals, Christmas parties, and even proposals!

Bridesmaids Candles

Every girl knows the feeling of a long day, and just wanting to go home, take a bath and light a candle. Wow your friends with a personalized candle asking them to be your bridesmaid, it's sure to warm their heart (and home).


This way is super creative and fun. You can get personalized mugs and plan a little coffee date with each of your bridesmaids. At the bottom of the cup, you can leave 'will you be my bridesmaid' (how freaking cute???). To top it off, give them a little gift bag of a few bridesmaid-ready things.