Weekend Wine List

Good wine is a love language of ours. Add one (or all we won't judge) of the bottles below to your weekend shopping list, grab a glass, and enjoy... you deserve it!


>> Cenyth - a "go to" red for anyone looking for a lighter jammy (yes that's a word) red.

>> La Crema Pinot - THE pinot to keep stocked in your home. Smooth and sultry and is a perfect friend to have with you while you fire up the grill.

>> Seven Deadly Sins - grab a glass, sit back, and relax a while...you'll want a minute or two to enjoy this zinfandel


>> Toad Hallow Risque - you're welcome, this bubbly bottle is a must for warmer weather (or any time because it's that good friends)

>> Penner Ash Viognier - a light and refreshing change to your "normal" white wine

>> Winzer Krems Gruner Vetliner - helllooo flavor, enjoy this beauty on the patio while you socially distance from your family