New Year, New Trends

2018 definitely felt like the year of weddings, especially after witnessing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's enchanted wedding. Today, couples are discovering extremely creative ways to add a personalized touch to their big day. Considering we just planted our feet into engagement season, we decided to create a list of the hottest wedding trends you're likely to see (or will want) in 2019.

In Living Coral....I mean...Color

Color is back and in a great way! With the Coral claiming the Pantone Color of the Year status, brides are embracing this bright and beautiful hue in a big way. Incorporating a vibrant color story throughout your wedding is a fabulous way of adding purposeful design. From invitations to specialty cocktails, attire to favors, color is king for 2019!

Bringing the Outdoors in

A Pintrest wedding favorite right now is greenery. So many couples want a indoor wedding but still desire a Earthy vibe, little do they know it's very do-able. Expect to see outdoorsy ideas such as indoor gardens, overflowing foliage, leafy backdrops (or floral backdrops), floral archways, and a huge fan-fave, natural table runners.

Classic Comeback

Despite the fact that edgy cocktail style weddings are on the rise, many couples still prefer a traditional, dinner party reception. Perhaps not so much a trend, classic elegance is a mainstay in wedding design with detailed place settings, luxe table linens, and over the top floral statement pieces.

Interactive Food Stations

Many couples are leaving traditional food buffets in the past and choosing a more interactive and customized menu design. Food stations such as a torched savory donuts, ramen, or small plate style entree plating have taken over the out dated mashed potato or pasta bars. Kicking things up a notch with themed uniforms or elaborate cooking presentations has added a whole new level of awesome to wedding receptions.

Over-the-top Invitations Published June 2, 2016.

You only get married once right? So it's a must to have iconic invitations. From the looks of it, many couples are hopping right on board. When receiving invitations from your loved ones this year, expect to see 3-D pop-out invitations, map cut-out invitations , and illustrated invitations. First impressions really are everything!

Pampas Grass Published September 1st, 2016.

THANK YOU MANDY MOORE! Here's another concept of 'bring the outdoors in'. With its soft aesthetic, it's sure to add romance to any decor such as wedding bouquets, floral arrangements and even aisles and arches. Pampas grass is perfect for brides that want an enhanced Bohemian vibe, and a huge go-to for brides with a neutral color scheme.


Gray velvet linens | Oklahoma Garden Wedding by Emily Ann Hughes

Velvet has been a fave of ours for years, but it's predicted to be seen a lot in 2019. From linens, velvet shoes and jackets, or even wrapped around bouquets. Expect to see velvet every season this year, not just in its typical winter months. And will want to touch it the minute you see it!

Mindful Party Favors

We're ditching the traditional party favors, and giving our guests a look in to the couple's lives. This year more couples are expected to give gifts that speak to who they are as a couple. Adding a personal touch goes way beyond a cute tag or sign, incorporating your personal story has become a huge trend we hope is here to stay!

Copper Everything

For the last few years we've seen metallic hues be the 'it-girl' for wedding accents. WeddingWire along with many other wedding experts (us!) predict copper to top the charts in 2019. Due to its striking hue, it acts as a super versatile element. You can expect to see this beautiful tone on place settings, floral vessels, cakes, even wedding attire!

Gender Neutral Published June 22, 2018.

Couples are knocking all norms down in 2019. You will now see bridesmen and groomsgirls become the tradition not the exception. There's no reason why anyone special to you shouldn't be included in on your big day.


The rise of signage is a trend we are happy to embrace! Unique statement signage will be seen throughout the entire wedding in 2019. From Ceremony backdrops to creative menu cards, signage plays a huge part of a complete wedding design.

Dramatic Designs

Drama! Drama! Drama! Even if you're a minimalist you're sure to love statement floral installations. These fixtures add drama to traditional floral centerpieces.

Scenting your Big Day

How romantic is it to create a fragrance with your spouse that will eventually scent your entire ceremony? In 2019, it's predicted that candles will be used for a lot more than just decor.