Virtual + Hybrid Events | Catching Event Up With Technology

Many of our day to day activities have evolved to online experiences, it should come as no surprise that our events, both personal and corporate, are also going virtual....but it did. The jarring shut down the world experienced due to the COVID-19 virus forced the hand of event professionals to jump in to a space that was no doubt already present, just not common. For most, it was a seemingly overnight change to the way we perform our services and came as a ice water shock to the system. For others, it was a natural progression. As we work to adapt and adjust, we are fortunate to have a foundation already built of resources and tools to help us reimagine what our events look like. So, how do clients (you) and attendees (also you) reimagine your events? Well, that's where we come in.

Check out these ideas to get help you catch your events up with today's technology.

>> 2020 has presented us with many opportunities to maximize our ability to connect online. Software like Zoom has been incorporated in to our daily office life, our children's schooling, and just about every other aspect of our lives. It's no surprise that events are also capitalizing on this platform to connect attendees. From simple applications to robust production build outs, this is an exceptional way to ensure your guests are able to connect with one another.

>> Micro events have surged in popularity as the limitations on guests counts in some areas have brought forced creativity to the table. Using a hybrid approach, smaller groups of attendees are able to meet at locations that can accommodate physical distancing and share in a projected virtual meet up of the other micro event locations.

>> Virtual and augmented reality have shown up in big ways for events this year. Using an oculus, clients have been able to transport their teams together to a completely new experience of connection. While this is a larger production, the rewards are equally large.

With a little creativity and innovate thinking, our clients have found ways to meet, celebrate, and connect in a time when it seems needed most.

How can we help you reimagine your events?