What is an event day preview and how can it impact you and your event?

imagine with us....

Your wedding day has finally arrived, can you believe it?! Surrounded by your family and friends, you spend the morning relaxing, celebrating, and getting ready for one of the biggest moments of your life. As you are being tended to, the team you've hired to bring your wedding day to life is busy preparing for you and your guests. Details are coming together. Linens that you've hand selected are going on the tables, the catering staff have arrived to begin readying for your reception, and the floral team has begun placing the decor you've been dreaming about. Everything you've imagined is taking shape. One of your bridesmaids jumps on Instagram because what's a wedding day without a selfie or two....and as she scrolls her stories she finds your florist has posted "sneak peeks" of your bouquets and an unfinished dining room. The initial gasp of curiosity fades into a bit of worry as you noticed the tables weren't set, and the room looks a little unorganized. Will they be ready on time? Will the chairs be straightened? .........

The initial excitement of previews of your big day, close up flower photos or private texts from your vendor team, can be some of the best parts of the days leading up to your wedding; however; missing out on the breathtaking moments of your bouquet being handed to you for the first time or walking in to your reception with your now husband/wife for a private reveal of a flawlessly appointed room simply cannot be replaced. These are the moments that make your wedding day special. Living in the moment and allowing the day to unfold for you are important things to keep in mind. Details and elements revealed before they are complete can ruin the magic of your day. You've spent countless hours planning and dreaming of these moments, and they shouldn't be tarnished by an unfinished glimpse of your details by a vendor trying to use them for marketing. They are yours to cherish first, to live first, and to experience only when they are are perfect.

Will previews ruin your day? No. Do they tarnish your experience. Yes.

We cannot wait to hand you your bouquet, to guide you in to your reception space, or cry with you when you walk in to your ceremony space. The details matter to us just as much as they matter to you and we cannot wait to deliver them in flawless magical fashion before anyone else has the chance to experience them.