Perfect Pairings

On your special day you're going to want everything to look flawless together, but sometimes finding the perfect pairings isn't always a piece of cake. Especially for non-brides, in terms of bouquets, most appear to look basically the same. When in fact, there are so many choices, from size to the type of bloom. A bouquet that compliments your dress and wedding style would make a beautiful match, just like you & your partner! You're in luck! We've created some tips that should make your appointment with your florist a breeze.


The A-Line is one of the most common silhouettes. This universally flattering gown style pairs well simple bouquets with intense colors. If the dress has little embellishment consider dressing it up with a more designed bouquet. You can do this by playing with different shapes and size flowers, this will add textural dimension to your overall look.

Courtesy of Empyrean Designs.


For the brides planning on a Mermaid dress, this silhouette is more modern and stylish. So, this should be reflected in your bouquet as well. Cascade bouquets, both hand-tied and those embellished with complimenting accessories pair well with a mermaid gown style. A trend for 2019 is cascading color - orchids, bold colors and asymmetrical styles and structure.

Courtesy of Brian Leahy.


One of the most casual silhouettes is Sheath. Due to the simplicity of most gowns this style, they're easily complimented by simple bouquets of any shape. Take your height and features of your dress into consideration when choosing from round, pageant, or cascade bouquets. Minimal bouquets are a rising trend for 2019 as well.

Courtesy of Heather Waraksa.


Lace, forever a timeless classic. It doesn't matter if it's taking the main role, or playing as an accent in your wedding, lace is a signature vintage element. Soft round bouquets with a great deal of greens peeping through are a beautiful option. A popular trend for 2019 is selecting a single bloom. The abundance of greenly surrounding your chosen posy will create stunning contrast to your overall look.


Another classic is the Ball Gown silhouette. These dresses already bring a lot to the table with their voluminous skirts, so you want to be sure to select a bouquet that won't overwhelm your look. A small bouquet would likely be drowned, so think cascading bouquets or pomaders. Use the embellishments on the gown to help guide you.


Sheer has been mentioned countless times in wedding dress collections for 2019, so it's only right we discuss what bouquets compliment this style. This style dress is a signature factor itself giving off sexy yet dreamy vibes. A bouquet that is solid will create a sophisticated effect. Dark, vivid colors stand out but also add to the gown.

Courtesy of Empyrean Designs. Phtography by Dustin & Corynn.

There are so many factors that play into choosing the bouquets for your wedding. You will have to consider the season, your wedding style, wedding colors and even minor details such as flower to dress balance. You don't want to have your heart set on a bouquet style just to find out it clashes with your gown and decor. A key tip, make a inspiration board! Save pictures of everything you like, because overall you want your bouquet to reflect/compliment your wedding style. Another important thing to keep in mind, these are simply suggestions! There are endless ways to match bouquets with wedding dresses, so do what feels/looks right to you. Your florist will be able to help make all the harder decisions, especially the ladies here Empyrean.