LET THEM EAT CAKE! | Things to Consider When Doing Your Cake Tasting

For many couples, wedding cake tasting is the #1 thing they look forward too during the wedding planning process...okay maybe just the groom, but it is a pinnacle moment in the journey from engaged to married. It's completely easy to understand why, who doesn't love cake?! You'll spend the afternoon indulging in mouthwatering flavors of cake and frostings with the love of your life. Sounds perfect right? Well, as sweet as that sounds, there is a lot more to it than just eating yummy cake, so read on to find out what to expect, and how to prepare for it.

What you need to know before the tasting?

Before you're ready to schedule a cake tasting, you should already know your wedding date, venue, time of day your reception will be held, and a approximate guest count. These are key factors your baker will need to know in order to best assist you. It's also good to have your budget thought out before hand as well to help you better understand what options your baker has that are a right fit for you.

Do your research

Picking a baker will take a little bit of research. You should browse through a few different bakers galleries, read reviews and see what bakeries fit in your budget. Talking to your married friends won't hurt either! Most importantly, your caterer should be able to recommend the vendors they know and love. Making a great looking cake is one thing, having a reputable professional standing is equally is important!

Next, think about how you would like your cake to look. There's a ton of cake inspiration on the web, it will benefit you to take some of these pictures with you to the tasting. Your baker will use all your inspiration & notes to sketch up the perfect cake. Consider your wedding style, the season, and location.. these things will help you figure out what look is best for your cake. Do you prefer buttercream or fondant? Real blooms or sugar flowers? Elaborate hand painted designs or a clean simple finish? Narrowing these things down will help you tremendously. Another great tip, go in with an open mind. Your baker should be able to inspire you with a fresh new trend or an example of a creative design that may interest you. Remember...the wedding cake should make a statement in your reception space.

Oh, the flavors we can't forget about the flavors. A lot of couples struggle trying to decide if they should pick out a generic flavor the guest are familiar with or should they go with something they truly want and love. Think of it like this, your guest are here to celebrate you...your love story... it's your big day, you should pick any flavor you like. Most guests are excited by a change in the "norm" of a wedding and out of the box (yes the cake box) flavors are another way to create a new experience for your guests.

Last thing, tastings often come with a fee so make sure to ask that when scheduling your consultation, and inquire if it will be applied to your overall cost should you choose to book them.

When do I book my consultation?

You should book your cake-tasting approximately 6 months before your wedding. By this time you should have all the main logistics figured out and a better understanding of what our reception menu will be. Keep in mind, your cake is often served as the dessert course and should also compliment the overall menu style and flavors you've selected.

What will we talk about?

Yes, you will be talking and not just munching on delicious cake. Pastry Chefs like Katy Pierson say they like to hear about the all the details of your wedding. In a interview with BRIDES, Pierson's says "Everything about your day will help us brainstorm design ideas and conceptualize an overall design."

Other things you may discuss is how the cake will be transferred to your reception and how it will be presented. This is also the perfect moment to let your baker know if you have an food allergy's on your guest list or dietary needs.

Decisions, Decisions

If you're worrying about making so many decisions during your consultation, stop. You don't have to decide everything, about your cake right then and there. The main points you want to try and hit during your consultation are the flavors and a general design concept. You'll also be deciding if you are hiring this baker. If you do, keep in mind this is the time you will sign contracts and put down a deposit.