Less Is More | Celebrating Small

2020 brought many changes to our lives, especially with regard to our special events. The impact felt on weddings forced to make plan after plan and moving now in to our traditional holiday events; there's no secret we've all had adjust how we gather and celebrate this year. From Fort Wayne to Indianapolis, across the country and the world, the rise in small events might have come by necessity but we're silver lining kind people and through this change we've found some incredible details we want to share with you. Enjoy this inspiration for your upcoming event!


Small guest counts often allow for more freedom to add exceptional detail to your event. Items like this one, hand lettered artisan bread (this one was infused with beet powder and was a gorgeous pink on the inside), served as guests place card and added an immediate wow when guests took their seats. As you explore the opportunities available to you as you plan an intimate event, get creative...it's here where you find the memories that will last far beyond your event day.


Intimate events have a greater possibility of telling your story. It's much more likely that a group of 25 guests will find even the small nuances that you incorporate in to your event than a group of 300. This hand wrapped booked provided a layered experience for guests; serving as a menu card, a unique keepsake, and a hidden craft cocktail made from the pages of the book itself. Most of all, it was a direct reflection of the bride to be sharing her love of reading with her closest friends and family. With intentional thought, this detail brought together a complex creative solution that was only possible because of the size of her event.


photo from @bbjlinen

When your celebration gets downsized in the biggest way and you are looking at preserving the day no matter the size it's important to remember, a Plan B shouldn't have to feel like a Plan B. Events are meant to feel special, and especially for our couples, these small celebrations have been filled with more joy and more happiness than we could have imagined. Taking a Plan B and making it more incredible than Plan A has delivered a level of love and care that was unknown prior to the changes we've all endured.

As we look at the continued need, and now seeing the want, for smaller events, we are excited to share the beautiful moments our clients have created. Remember as you plan for your next event, sometimes less really is more.