Last Minute Gifts for Everyone in Your Office

Gifts for your work family can be some of the most difficult to buy. You see them everyday, but when it's time to buy gifts you realize how much you actually don't know about them. Fun part about gift giving is that they don't always have to be personalized. Believe it or not, you have the upper hand. You know what they need to do their job, or what might take the ease off at work. We've hand selected our favorite gifts for everyone in your office, so you can be sure they love their gifts.

Relaxation Gifts

We all know the work place can be a hectic place to be at times. Sitting in hour-long meetings, endless presentations, reviewing and signing, or finding solutions to a million problems. By 5 p.m. you're thankful you're still in one piece. It's true, we could all use a little relaxation in our lives. Some quick gifts that scream 'take it easy' include but are not limited to candles, soothing lotions, bath bombs, teas, and spa treatments such as massage or facials. You could purchase one of these items, or buy a few and make a gift basket. The choice is yours, either way they are sure to value these items.

Travel Gifts

Traveling is almost a given when working in a office. You know which of your coworkers (or staff) travel the most. Make their lives easier with things that will make commuting a piece of cake. Consider gifting them phone mounts, travel mugs, a durable travel bag, travel size toiletries. They will appreciate not having to come out of pocket themselves for these items, trust me.

Tech Gifts

In a world of technology, this is one of the easiest routes to go. Almost every major electronic has accessories to enhance their use, and make life easier. Tech gifts such as earphones, both regular and car chargers, Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging, and phone cases are cheap go-to options everyone can appreciate. Don't worry about if they already have these items or not, we all know how easy it can be to lose them so you can never have too many of any of them.

Gift for Everyone

If you're still unsure what gift category your person falls under, any of the following gifts are sure to suffice. Everyone loves to eat, so food gift cards are major go-to gifts. With the year coming to the end, many people will be in need of a new planner/calendar (get them in the spirit of starting fresh). Also wine! Who doesn't love a good bottle of wine.

Feel a little relief? Good. Now place your order on Amazon or run to Best Buy so you can go home and enjoy Christmas movies. *Don't forget to top-off your gift with a personalized card!