"Change is not a threat, its an opportunity. Survival is not the goal, transformative success is." - Seth Godin

2021 brought opportunity to our doorstep....and we pounced on the chance to take it. Realizing the dream to expand in to a space that allowed us to intentionally design an operational home the embodied the foundations of our company, we made a huge change as we started the new year with a fresh perspective. Focusing on the growth of our company and the way in which we serve our clients, the HUB allows our team to better collaborate and create for you. We are so excited to share this space with you!

As we begin a quick renovation of the space (watch out HGTV!), we will share the highlights on our social media channels with behind the scenes looks at the special touches we are incorporating. With design as a key element of each step we take, the Empyrean touch will be evident throughout. Check out some of the things we are most excited about below and begin to dream up how we can better serve you through this cohesive home for cultivating your most exceptional events....

>> THE OVERLOOK | An immersive experience room located in the heart of our operations, this space is intentionally designed to foster exceptional event design. Overlooking our kitchen, this unique space will play host to our culinary and event design meetings, our famous full service tastings, and offer new chefs table experiences and corporate team building challenges. To say we are excited about this space is an understatement!

>> THE KITCHEN | The center of any catering company is the kitchen...and oh my are we excited about our new culinary headquarters! With innovation as a foundational pillar of our core values, the design and layout of our kitchen will support our team's collaborative culture. From your most important events to your current needs that support distanced working and our sister brand @Dinnerlux...this newly designed kitchen is a masterpiece intended to bring you the most exceptional culinary creations in the region.

>> THE DECOR LAB | Adding design elements to your events is one of our favorite aspects of the planning process. The decor lab is the "floral kitchen" of all things design creation. In this walk through space, you will have the opportunity to interact with our designers as they build and fabricate our award winning decor.

As we enter the renovation process and begin to open the space for our clients we will be sharing behind the scenes moments and the new opportunities for you to experience the Empyrean difference. Watch our social media channels for more information!

We cannot wait to see you at the HUB!