Host an Unforgettable Corporate Event

The corporate event season is upon us. You will probably attend more events within the next few months than you have all year. From holiday parties, corporate luncheons, fundraisers, awards galas, even client appreciation events. If you're just attending, you're probably only focused on a securing a babysitter and finding something to wear. However, for those given the responsibility of hosting these events, you might be in the thick of feeling some stress and anxiety right now. Take a breather, we've got your back. Sit back, relax, and soak up some helpful tips that will help you host an event no one will forget.


Free gifts, heck free anything, gets everyone excited. This doesn't just have to be for holiday parties, you could even do this for your corporate luncheons and sit-down seminars. You could do something as simple as goodie bags on everyone's chair or a bigger production with your own executive teams version of an Ellen Christmas giveaway. Incorporate items that make sense for the meeting or event you are hosting. Step outside of the typical gifts (pens, hats, company cups, etc.) try to think about what's modern right now, and what your employees will really appreciate — you know your company best. Still stumped, talk with your Event Designer and see what ideas they come up with. After all, they are always seeing new and fresh ideas in the special event world.

Photo-booths and then some

We live in the age of "take a picture or it didn't happen", so it's only right to have an area where everyone can take pictures. Photo-booths can really bring the fun to any party, and seem to be most peoples favorite part to an event. While a photo booth isn't necessarily new to the event scene, there are some great modern options. Slow motion video booths and interactive technology walls are all making their way into the event world and revamping the more traditional photo booths. Even if you decide to forgo a photo booth experience you still want to have a area for everyone to take pictures (trust me). In this case, you want to talk to your Event Designer about building a backdrop photo area somewhere at your event. This is fairly cheap, and easy to customize. This will also help with engagement and social media traffic of the event. With there being a designated area for everyone to take pictures, they'll be more likely to post them....make sure you have a hashtag picked out (i.e. #EmpyreanXMASParty) so you can check out everyone's pictures after the event & repost them!


The corporate event world has moved (thank goodness!) to incorporate and encourage a more experience based structure. Gone are the days of sitting for hours in an uncomfortable chair checking your phone out of boredom....well maybe not gone but they should be. Chat with your Event Designer about ways to get your guest out their seats and engaged. Interactive game stations, signature or idea boards for them to sign (graffiti wall, letter block, chair, etc.), feedback for them to give (what makes them happy, next year goals, give love/get love, the list goes on...there are countless ways to engage your guests.


People love to be entertained! Corporate events have the largest opportunity to incorporate entertainment for their guests. From the main stays like a great band or murder mystery to more modern performance artists or celebrity chef experiences there are some amazing options to ensure your event is unlike any other your guests will attend.


Everyone appreciates aesthetically pleasing things. Whether it be a beautiful lunch set-up, or an over the top themed event, people like pretty things. When planning your event, step outside of the basic and begin to think about what eye catching and interesting design concepts would create a lasting impression. We get it, branding is important, but that doesn't mean every event you do has to be clad in your company's colors. Try-out bold colors, patterns and prints, and yes even reach outside your corporate comfort zone and go monochromatic. Consider plants and flowers to bring some life into the room. Simple things like balloons (yep, we said balloons...have you seen what is doing these days?!), centerpieces, signage, and lighting can really take your event from "It was just another corporate event" to "most beautiful event I've been to in a while".

These are only a few concepts to change up your next event. Chat with your Event Designer about their favorite corporate event trend for 2019 and just wait to see what we come up with next!