Your tasting is one of the highlights of planning your wedding, it absolutely makes everything "feel" real and is typically one of the last big things to take place before your day arrives. This special part of your planning experience should provide the final plans leading up to your wedding and leave you relaxed and feeling exciting for your day to arrive. We've gathered a few "tasting rules" that will help you make the most of this experience and leaving your bellies full and hearts content.

1. It's You, not Me

This tasting experience is for YOU and your fiance, not your parents, not your maid of honor, not your planner, not your caterer....it's yours and yours alone. We absolutely encourage bringing along a parent (usually this is a mom's moment) or maid of honor/best man to enjoy this experience with you; however; we encourage you to remember that extra opinions can create a challenge when making wedding decisions. In the end, your menu tasting is an opportunity for you to make changes and tweaks that reflect your personal taste and style. More salt? Great! Less garlic? Okay. These revisions should be yours alone as this day is about you as a couple!

2. Bring an Open Mind

Going in to your menu tasting with an open mind allows your caterer to provide suggestions or additional concepts that you may otherwise have missed out on. New and fresh menu items, presentation, linen, and other elements that can be incorporated into your day will ensure your experience is unique and memorable for your guests.

3. Don't hold back

Now is the time to share your thoughts and ask questions. Don't be shy about asking your caterer questions that have been on your mind or that you don't fully understand. Your Event Designer is there to provide you the best guidance and recommendations to make your day flawless and your input is vital!

4. Schedule Time

We completely understand schedules are hectic! You may live across the country or are using all of your vacation days for your actual wedding; however; we can't stress this enough...this meeting is critical to the planning of your wedding and taking time for it is important! You will want to schedule a few hours for this meeting so you aren't rushing through the decisions and discussions that are needed.

5. Trust in Your Team

You've hired the best professionals, the ones you've connected with and those who are the experts in their field....trust them! We aren't saying you shouldn't question or have input, we are saying their professional advice is coming from a place of protection for you and your guests experience. If your Event Designer is making a suggestion about your menu, floor plan, ceremony timing, or other aspects of your wedding it is likely coming from a place of experience and caution for you. Take their advice to heart, discuss it with your fiance and chat with your Designer about any concerns you may have. They are there for YOU!

6. Be Mindful of Your Guests

Yes, this is your day. We did just tell you it's about you after-all! However, as you are crafting the perfect plans for your big day, be mindful of your guests. Yes, you may like the layout of your reception space but if your guests can't move through the guest tables, or your grand entrance is actually you saying excuse me as you walk through guests awkwardly to get to the head table, these are the moments your guests will remember. The same points can be said about your menu selections as well. Take in to consideration your guests needs as you are planning your day, down to each detail and you will ensure a lifetime of exceptional memories for you and your guests.


This meeting should be a fun one! Enjoy yourself and try not to allow the decisions overwhelm your experience.