3 ways to make the most out of your time with your Event Designer?

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

So you've decided you want to host an event (that's great!) and you stuck on where to begin? No need to worry, after reading this post you will feel confident enough to book a consultation with an Event Designer. Whether you're planning your wedding or a corporate Christmas party, it's important to consider these following steps:

1. Find your design style

This step is probably the most crucial. Make a list of all your likes and dislikes when it comes to what you want for your event. Let your mind flow free, don't worry about things like "are they able to do this" or "is this too over the top". The right designer is going to want to hear all your desires, and they should do their best to make it all happen the way you envision it. Think about what food you want served, color schemes, set-up (where you want things placed, tables, chair, etc.). Finding pictures to show your Event Designer will help a lot, especially if you struggle putting what you want into words. Taking time to do this will help align you & your Designer so you are sure they are a good fit for you and understand your vision.

2. Do your research

READ. READ. READ. It may seem like it's not important since you're meeting with an Event Designer soon, but the more you self-educate before your meeting the more time you'll have to discuss the fun stuff. Once you've selected the companies you want to work with, explore their website. Find out all the services they offer, the venues they use, vendors they work through, check out other events they've already done, and research the industry associations they are members of. This will also bleed into your likes and dislikes list because, you'll be able to see exactly what your options are. It may even spark some inspiration that wasn't there before. This will ensure you can use that extra 15 minutes you would've used asking questions, to show them more inspiration of what you want.

3. Determine where you want your money to go

Unfortunately, most of us don't have millions and millions growing in our backyards. So when considering what you want for your event, try to think about what's most important to you. Are you wanting to invest more in the food and decor, than on a DJ? Or maybe music is a huge detail to your event, so you don't care so much where the chairs and tables come from. Your Event Designer can help you prioritize budget and create the best spending plan based on your needs and wants. Customization should be very important to you when selecting a Designer. You want to work with a company who has the weight to really bring your vision to life. You'll find that some places have restrictions, or a select menu to choose from... that may put limits on your event day. So, figure out what makes your wedding/event unique to you, what aspects deeply matter to you, and the top places you want your money to go. Every client has a budget...even Oprah (trust us...we've done events for her)...don't be shy with sharing it, your Event Designer is a pro at guiding you through this important stage of planning.

If you're working with the right Designers, these 3 steps will be the hardest part of planning for you. At Empyrean, we handle the stress, so you can enjoy the good stuff. This includes but is not limited too, custom-menus, personalized detailing, stress-free day-of duties, unique venue selections, in-house vendors, and so much more!