10 Design Ideas for a Gender Neutral Babyshower

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Rubber Ducky

Splish, Splash! This concept will bring all the baby bath-time vibes. Appropriate for mommies-to-be who want the gender to be a surprise. This theme can easily be upgraded for the mommies who want an elegant baby shower, by adding flower arrangements, gold table decor, and yellow-and-white linens.

About to Pop

Although we know most women hate being told how 'big' they look during pregnancy, we found the perfect way to twist the narrative. This bubbly theme can be delivered (no pun intended...well, maybe) by having Popcorn, Lollipops, Bubbles, Cake Pops, Balloons, Soda Pop and many other 'pop em' like snacks. A super cute, yet simple way to enjoy the "OMG, you look like you're about to pop" comments.


A theme that reading mothers will love. Pick all your favorite baby/children's books and use small details from the stories to create your own personalized theme. This is sure to bring many childhood memories for those attending. Think of stories like 'Goodnight Moon', 'Chicka Chicka, Boom Boom', 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie' and 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', just to name a few favorites. For another special touch, have your guest leave sweet messages to your baby in the books (it'll be something they cherish forever).

Mommy's Sweet Tooth

Cravings are different for every women during their pregnancies, that's what makes them unique to them. What you loved to eat while carrying your baby, is a big part of your pregnancy so why not include it in the baby shower? Based off what your food craving was, pick coordinating colors, and decor that fit. For instance, if you had to have ice-cream everyday in the middle of the night, or even pickles. The list of ways you can pull this off are endless, have fun with it.

Sip 'n See

A Sip n' See is not your traditional baby shower, but it's exactly what it sounds like. This takes place after you have your baby. It's an event to let everyone meet your new love, brings gifts, and celebrate with you all. This theme is wonderful for mom's who don't want to know the gender until birth, and especially mothers who have endured miscarriages.

About to Hatch Theme

With spring just right around the corner, this theme is perfect! Execute this theme with vibrant color decor, painting activities, fresh fruits and veggies, and of course, flowers! This is great for DIY moms-to-be. This cheerful theme, will definitely be something to Tweet about.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Classic, but still so adorable. This is a easy go-to for mommies-to-be who don't want to put a whole lot into the baby shower. (Yes, believe it or not, not everyone wants a baby shower). You can find endless decorations for this theme from, banners, to cake toppers, table runners, garland and more!

Woodland Animals/ Zoo Theme

How adorable are baby items that have cute little baby animals on them? extremely adorable! (we thought so too). Create the ultimate charming baby shower, with greenery, soft baby shades, cupcakes and animal printed everything! If you're not wanting soft, spice it up with a zoo theme.

A Sunny Breakfast Theme

Out with dessert tables, in with mini pancakes & bacon! This theme is fun for moms-to-be that want to switch it up. Find decor that says 'hello kiddo', 'my sunshine' and similar sayings. You can even take your decor a step further by hanging onesies on a clothes-line outside to really create the 'early morning' feel. Pick out all your favorite breakfast foods, and celebrate your bundle of joy with family and lots of syrup.