10 Gorgeous Napkin Folds for Your Wedding

When planning out the details to your wedding, you will soon notice that every. single. thing. matters, yes, even napkins. This season, pop out with creative napkin folds that your guest have never seen before. From elegant folds that hold menu cards, to casual folds that add a pop of color to the table. You can even save the ideas you don't go with for future dinner parties!

Candy Wrap Napkin Fold

Photo courtesy, Bryan Gardner.

This fold is elegant, yet fun for guest to unravel. Wow your guest even more by tucking a little surprise message or candy inside.

Knotted Napkins

Photo courtesy of Luna de Mare.

Giving your table setting a relaxed feel, with knotted soft-washed linens. Place them on top of the salad plates & pair them with color-coordinating flatware to the tie it all together.

Pocket Napkin Fold

Photo courtesy, Bryan Gardner.

This sleek pouch is perfect for holding menus, place cards, a sweet note, utensils, and even single buds.

Loosely Gathered Napkins

Photo courtesy of Feather and Stone.

It doesn’t get any simpler than this. If you want to let your centerpieces do the talking, and have simple plating, try this loosely gathered fold. Pick a soft shade from your color scheme and tie a ribbon around the it.

Envelope Napkin Fold

Photo courtesy, Bryan Gardner.

A simple detail, that will effortlessly bring elegance to the table. This fold is ideal for holding any type of card.

Napkin Square

Photo courtesy of Clayton Austin.

If you’re looking for something cute and modern, try this square fold. Jazz it up by selecting two different shades from your color scheme, and alternate the napkins and the colors of the plates. Take it a step further by adding a menu and a sprig of fresh greenery tied with a velvet ribbon.

Napkin & Menu Bundle

Photo courtesy of Bradley James Photography.

Are you wanting a more neat and organized table setting? This bundle napkin fold might be the one for you. It serves multiple purposes, and is extremely pleasing to look at it. Simply fold the napkin, place a menu on top and tie them together. Greenery is in, so be sure to add a sprig of greenery on top.

Lover’s Knot Napkin Fold

Photo courtesy, Bryan Gardner.

It looks like a lot of work, but it’s a simple fold with a stunning appearance. This fold goes is sure to impress your guest.

Draped Napkins

Photo courtesy, Amanda Nippoldt Photography.

If you’re planning to have a dinner buffet for your wedding, this napkin fold will serve you best! Drape each guest napkin off the edge of the table, this will not only mark everyone’s spot, but also bring a pop of color to the table. It’s a win, win!

Buffet-style Napkin Fold