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For the past eight years, you have trusted our team to deliver exceptional event experiences while upholding the highest levels of food safety and sanitation. As we move forward through the COVID-19 crisis, our continued highest priority is in keeping our clients, team, and communities safe. Below you will learn more about our commitment to keeping you, your guests, our team, and community safe and best practices on planning and hosting safe events not only during this time but always. 


The health of all people we serve – you, your guests, our team, professional partners, and the community – will always remain our highest priority.  We have taken great care to heighten all areas of our already strict protocols in order to help you celebrate safely in person again!  The following guidelines have been based on the information available from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(“CDC”), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”), the U.S. Food & Drug Administration(“FDA”), and State and Local Guidelines.  As information and recommendations from these and other trusted public health agencies continue to change and evolve, our guidelines are subject to change and update accordingly.

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We understand that you have likely been dreaming and imagining every detail of your upcoming celebration for quite some time. Given the current COVID-19 landscape with regards to social gatherings, it might be challenging for you to imagine how the look of your event might change. We are here to help you visualize  what your “COVID-Ready” event will look like. Below you will find updates you can expect to see at your upcoming celebration to keep you and your guests safe. 


  • The State of Indiana requires that all guests wear masks/face coverings upon entry, exit, and while moving in the venue space. Masks can be removed while seated – talk to your Event Designer about incorporating a mask station or including custom masks for your guests.

  • An updated floor plan with 6 feet between tables will be provided for you by your Event Designer – layouts must meet venue capacity requirements from the State of Indiana


  • No communal items will be presented on tables or stations. Individual items will be provided per guest request such as creamer, salt + pepper, coffee accents etc.

  • The State of Indiana encourages to close or remove areas that guests congregate that are non-essential to the to the preparation and service of food or beverages such as dance floors

  • All self-service food and beverage buffets/stations are not permitted

  • Any food stations will be required to be staff attended

  • All passed food items will be required to be presented in their own vessel or served individually with tongs by a staff member.

a note about in person meetings/tastings

While we are hosting in person meetings/tastings, these are done so with the same distancing and safety protocols we have adopted for our events. All in attendance are asked to self monitor symptoms and will be asked to wear masks with the exception of eating/drinking. 

If you have questions about any of the information above and want to learn even more about ways you can help during this crisis, please feel free to contact our team below:

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